DOC Personal Injury is proud to provide life-changing care at our auto accident injury clinic in the North Metro area surrounding Denver and Boulder. Using cutting-edge technology, time-tested medical expertise, and individualized care, our auto accident injury doctors ensure that your health is always prioritized. With our unified team of medical experts and specialists on your side, your pain and trauma is fully understood, addressed, and alleviated.


We work with funding companies such as:

Marrick, Injury Finance, Well States, Personicare, as well as direct liens


Specialized Providers


Combined Years of Experience

The Excellence of DOC Personal Injury

Comprehensive Medical Team

Our auto accident injury practice is comprised of leading experts in many fields.  With our multi-faceted team of auto injury specialists, the DOC providers offer unrivaled integrated care that extends from complex medical procedures to therapeutic massage therapy sessions.

On-Site Fluoroscope

We are proud to offer an onsite fluoroscopy suite for patients requiring diagnostic/therapeutic interventional pain procedures.  With our advanced fluoroscope, we provide specialty care to relieve pain and support recovery while keeping prices low.


DOC Personal Injury is the only testing center for MedTrak Diagnostics in Colorado.  This objective battery of assessments consists of vestibular, balance and neurocognitive testing.  The results from these tests enable clinicians to quantitatively prove a concussion/TBI.

Veteran Care Coordinator

Our auto accident clinic employs a dedicated care coordinator, Karrie York, for all our cases. Karrie’s aim is to build a link between you, your healthcare team, and your attorney. She handles the logistics that relate to your motor vehicle accident so you can focus on your recovery.

Trusted TBI & Concussion Expertise

Our team specializes in treating concussion/traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases.  We focus on regaining cognition, mobility, and balance aptitudes to enhance functional recovery.  We individualize treatment plans to target each injury, capability, and overall potential.

Streamlined Billing

Most auto-policies include medical payments (medpay). Medpay is responsible for medical bills that are the result of any injuries sustained in a car accident. Once medpay funds run out, we can hold the charges for your ongoing care on a medical lien while you await your insurance settlement.   

There were 22,000+ vehicle crashes in Denver county alone in 2019.

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