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There were 22,000+ vehicle crashes in Denver county alone in 2017.

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The care we provide at DOC Personal Injury is only as strong as the doctors behind it. Meet the passionate auto accident injury doctors who make it all possible.

Michael B. Tracy, DO

Dr. Tracy is primarily focused on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders at our auto accident injury clinic.

Eric St. Pierre, DC

Dr. St. Pierre spearheads our DOC Physical Rehabilitation team with extensive experience in auto accident injury cases and the care they often demand.

Daniel Feldman, MD

Dr. Feldman specializes in the comprehensive management of interventional, pharmacological, and therapeutic treatments that precisely target the source of your pain.

Mary Finck, DPT

Dr. Finck’s approach to physical therapy focuses on addressing and alleviating functional limitations following auto accident injury, improving your overall quality of life.

Danny Manilla, PA-C

Danny joined DOC Personal Injury in June of 2017, providing passionate treatment for patients facing acute, sub-acute, and chronic pain conditions.

Omega Koch, DPT

Dr. Koch specializes in concussion and vestibular therapy as well as sports and orthopedic therapy, making her a multi-faceted expert in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and beyond.

Camma Love, OTR/L

Camma brings 34 years of experience to DOC Personal Injury, focusing on acute care, acute rehab, subacute rehab, and outpatient support.

Wes Rickman, DC

Dr. Rickman understands the chronic conditions that can plague athletic performance, offering a treatment plan that integrates functional assessments, chiropractic manipulations, and myofascial release techniques to address the entire musculoskeletal system.