The DOC rehab team has enabled countless car accident patients to recover quicker and return to a normal life faster. Our team does this using some main treatment modalities.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy experts are committed to your long-term health and recovery, fusing the latest therapeutic techniques with deep-rooted knowledge and one-on-one support.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is manual hands on work applied to the muscles and soft tissue. We provide specific soft tissue and myofacial release techniques to increase your bodies healing potential.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapist uses her expansive knowledge and experience to regain function to allow individuals to return to their participation in life roles.

Save up to 60% on our normal charges when you self-pay at the time of visit.

DOC Personal Injury is proud to provide care at our auto accident injury clinic in the North Metro area surrounding Denver and Boulder. Using cutting-edge technology, time-tested medical expertise, and individualized care, our auto accident injury doctors ensure that your health is always prioritized. With our unified team of medical experts and specialists on your side, your pain and trauma is fully understood, addressed, and alleviated.


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Concussion Therapy

Each head injury is different, requiring a thorough neurological assessment and patient-orientated approach to help. Vestibular therapy is a special form of physical therapy that helps alleviate post concussion syndromes.

Medical Treatment

We diagnose and treat conditions that cause pain, weakness and numbness. Our primary focus is to restore function through the use of examinations, procedures, and pharmacology.

Save up to 60% on our normal charges when you self-pay at the time of visit.

There were 22,000+ vehicle crashes in Denver county alone in 2019.

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