Alexis Dupuis-Le Blanc, DOMP, LMT

Alexis is a Canadian Osteopath, graduating with a D.O.M.P with honors from the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal, and began practicing osteopathy in Canada in 2012. He co-founded the Clinique Intégrative D’Ostéopathie in Quebec, Canada.

Alexis has completed a wide variety of post-graduate certifications, including but not limited to Endo-cranial Spasms, Biodynamics, Meta-osteopathy, Seated-facet Release Techniques and Structured Functional Adjustments. His extensive training has helped develop a unique approach to bodywork.

As a holistic therapist, Alexis avoids focusing solely on symptoms and instead directs his attention to the entire system, using mainly manual bodywork as a non-physician osteopath to promote the body’s capacity to restore itself to health. Outside of the clinic, Alexis enjoys ultra-trail running. He is also a CrossFit athlete, loves swing dancing, and enjoying all of Colorado’s beautiful nature.