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DOC is the leading accident injury clinic and doctor team in Metro Denver, providing time-tested medical expertise and treatment for a wide range of injuries and immobilities.

With 4 specialized doctors and a combined 50+ years of medical expertise, your firm can find a trusted accident injury clinic that you’re proud to work with.

  • Multi-disciplinary team
  • Cutting-edge techniques
  • Caring bedside manner
  • On-site fluoroscopy
  • In-house case coordinator
  • Individualized treatment plans


DOC’s accident injury doctors seamlessly translate their deep-rooted medical experience to the world of vehicular collisions. With an integrated team of DOs, MDs, PTs, chiropractors, and massage therapists, our team is committed to improving every aspect of our patient’s comfort and mobility. Led by esteemed doctors Dr. St. Pierre and Dr. Tracy, our accident injury clinic exists to provide caring and uncompromising medical care to injured victims, ultimately advancing the world of medicine and pain management. 


Our tight-knit team believes in addressing our patients’ problems with a direct and uncompromising approach. With our dedicated case coordinators on staff, any and all medical concerns or financial issues can be rapidly discussed and smoothly resolved without causing complications for the patient. We work intimately with third party lenders to secure the best medical coverage available, and offer in-house liens for patients as well. And when combined with the compassionate work of our accident injury doctors, your client is sure to experience exponential relief, unparalleled comfort, and total satisfaction from both us and you. 


At the onset of each visit, our team will complete a thorough evaluation checklist and concussion questionnaire to set a baseline of expectations and progress. This detailed method tracks sleep patterns, maps out pain points, and records a patient’s physical activity to truly get the full picture of health. With this comprehensive evaluation process, we can assure that our accident injury clinic is providing concrete and measurable improvements to your client’s well-being, giving them the push they need to focus on long-term recovery. 


Unlike other medical teams out there that are focused on their goals before a patient’s, DOC auto accident injury clinic is invested in our patient’s well-being before anything else. Our accident injury doctors provide caring, attentive, and patient medical care that targets the root of the problem. With a warm bedside manner, in-depth assessment process, and individualized treatment process, you’ll never have to question our intentions or goals. Our bottom line is simple: alleviating a patient’s pain and aiding their recovery. 


Our accident injury doctors are truly passionate about what we do, which is why our team is continuously evolving and expanding our scope of services. With a growing combination of physical medicine, concussion therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, and more, the DOC accident injury clinic team is constantly strategizing new methods of pain management and relief. We hope to soon expand into the worlds of trauma therapy, occupational therapy, surgery, and long-term rehabilitation. 

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