About Dana Reynolds

Dana is the front desk and scheduling coordinator for DOC Personal Injury's Rehabilitation Office in Lafayette.

What’s MedPay?

2017-08-22T15:08:20+00:00August 22nd, 2017|

Automobile insurance medical payments, commonly referred to as “MedPay,” is one of the coverage benefits on all auto insurance policies in the state of Colorado.  Regardless of who is at fault for the accident, MedPay will cover medical treatment and/or funeral expenses for the policyholder and other occupants of the [...]

Welcome Back Mary!

2017-08-17T21:37:36+00:00August 17th, 2017|

Next week we happily welcome back our lead Physical Therapist, Mary Finck, from maternity leave! She was happy to be able to spend time with her little baby boy, and is now looking forward to returning to her role in patient care and rehabilitation. Mary’s approach to physical [...]