Cognitive Therapy

The DOC team provides top notch cognitive therapy to help our brain injury patients get back to their lives following a car accident.

What is cognitive therapy?

Cognitive dysfunction occurs when there is neurochemical change or damage to the axons in the brain. Axons carry messages within the brain and if they become damaged the brain struggles to communicate. This type of damage can occur even if a person did not hit their head or lose consciousness. Cognitive therapy is a specialized therapy that helps improve a person’s cognitive or thinking abilities. These abilities include:

  • memory
  • attention
  • problem solving
  • information processing speed
  • time awareness
  • sequencing
  • comprehension while reading
  • mental flexibility
  • organizational skills
  • abstract thinking
  • frustration tolerance
  • control of emotions

The difficulties each person experiences are unique to them. Camma Love works with individuals to identify and learn what methods will be most helpful to them and their lifestyles. Cognitive therapy includes an evaluation with standardized evaluation tools. These tools allow Camma to identify the areas of cognitive strengths and weaknesses. She then uses the patient’s strengths to design a treatment plan. This treatment plan uses strategies allowing the patient to practice correct functioning to improve their cognitive weaknesses. Camma applies the methods to different thinking processes and the brain improves task performance. Rehearsing the correct functions and methods re-develops and enhances neural pathways, builds compensation pathways, and improves cognitive function.

Camma Love, OTR/L, CBIS

Camma is an experienced cognitive & occupational therapist specializing in  neurological disorders. She is also a Certified Brain Injury Specialist.