Craniosacral Therapy & Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can come in many types. A concussion, a mild blow to the head that can cause brain tissue damage at a cellular level, is the most common type of brain injury. This damage is usually not detectable by CT scans or MRIs. Most concussions heal within 10 days but occasionally, especially if one does not rest or receives a second blow to the head, symptoms will persist. However, there are treatments that can speed up the recovery process for a concussion. One of these treatments is called craniosacral therapy. 

Craniosacral therapy or cranial osteopathy is manual movement of the cranial bones. This movement is thought to help with the flow of cerebral spinal fluid. To perform this treatment the therapist uses light touch to make a change in the cranial bones, thereby making a change in the cranial membranes and spinal fluid. These changes could reduce headaches and increase sustenance to the brain. This increase in sustenance is what speeds up recovery from a brain injury. Our traumatic brain injury patients report reduced pain, better sleep, and lower anxiety following craniosacral sessions.  

If you feel treatment at our facility might be a good fit for you or you’d like to speak with our craniosacral therapist, feel free to give us a call!