Self-Pay Pricing:

Save up to 60% when you pay at the time of visit.

Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA),
Cash, Credit, Debit, or Check Accepted.


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  • 60-Min Evaluation: $400
  • 20-Min Follow-up: $200
  • 40-Min Follow-up: $250

Why Self-pay?

What are the benefits of self-pay versus billing medpay versus holding a lien?

  • Maintain control over what services you’d like to utilize.
  • Minimize the overall cost of high quality medical care and treatment.
  • Stretch out your medpay funds by processing the bills yourself.
  • Utilize your health insurance by processing the bills to your commercial health plan. *Plan limitations may exist.
  • Utilize a health savings account (HSA) or flex spending account (FSA).
  • Avoid hiring an attorney or signing a lien agreement.

What is medpay?

Medpay is is your car insurance coverage that pays for medical care following an accident. Most policies are set at 5K minimally per Colorado law, but you can request higher coverage for your plan. DOC Personal Injury is happy to bill Medpay or allow you to access lower treatment costs by providing the billing paperwork following a visit and can process the Medpay coverage yourself with your insurance company. 

What is a lien?

A lien is a financial agreement between DOC Personal Injury and you and your attorney to provide you medical care without having to pay upfront costs. We won’t collect payment until your case settles, and because most cases can take over a year to settle, the treatment is billed at a higher cost, representing the risk we are taking. We only offer lien agreements with those individuals that are “not at fault” and that have a strong legal case. We work closely with the patient and their attorney to ensure the medical costs are managed and reasonable so they have a strong defense for necessity.  All DOC lien financial agreements require a hired attorney to co-sign the agreement.

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