The core of our car accident treatment services is broken down into 7 focused disciplines.

At DOC Personal Injury our goal is your long-term recovery, mobility, and comfort. Our team is committed to providing thorough and integrated treatment harnessing every available resource and exceeding your recovery expectations.

Physical Medicine

The physical medicine focus of our car accident treatment involves an integrated evaluation and treatments. These treatments help with a wide range of residual health complications, limitations, and concerns related to your collision. Our physical medicine department can help to restore your function through trusted examinations, procedures, and pharmacology.

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Interventional Pain Procedures

DOC’s car accident injury doctors harness the power of minimally invasive procedures to effectively reduce your pain. We perform these procedures in office or under fluoroscopy (x-ray) guidance to reduce pain.

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Electrodiagnostic Testing

Electrodiagnostic studies assess full muscle and nerve functionality following significant trauma or injury. The two main components of an electrodiagnostic study include an electromyographic examination (EMG) and nerve conduction studies (NCS). This testing performed by our doctors can be instrumental in evaluating weakness, numbness, and pain related to your auto accident.

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Chiropractic Sports Medicine

Chiropractic sports medicine centers on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders related to your auto accident. Our chiropractors address the soft tissue, helping your muscles relax and freeing connective tissue restrictions.

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Physical Therapy

Our compassionate physical therapists will take the time to treat the soft tissue structures associated with your pain. Methods of soft tissue treatment used by our therapists include dry needling, vacuum cupping, and more. They will also create and educate you on specific therapeutic exercises that restore function and decrease tension.

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Concussion Therapy

Our passionate doctors provide thorough patient centered neurological assessments, vestibular therapy, and cognitive therapy for those suffering from head injuries. These treatments focus on relieving dizziness, improving balance, and many more post-concussion symptoms.

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MedTrak VNG Testing

Videonystagmography (VNG) Testing allows clinicians to objectively measure movements in the eye caused by post-concussion symptoms. This test determines that a patient has suffered a head injury which benefits a patient’s car accident case.

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Medical Massage Therapy

We also utilize the therapeutic power of massage therapy to provide the full scope of pain relief and comfort. Our therapist uses manual hand-on massage to release connective tissue tension, stimulate blood flow, and increase healing potentials.

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