Concussion and TBI Testing

Medtrak Diagnostics Concussion/TBI Testing Center at DOC Personal Injury

DOC Personal Injury of Lafayette, Colorado is proud to announce that it is now the official Colorado Medtrak Diagnostics Testing Center for Concussion and TBI injuries resulting from motor vehicle collisions and other incidents.

Medtrak Testing includes: VNG-Vestibular Testing, Falltrak- Balance/ Coordination Testing and Brain Check- Neurocognitive Testing to objectively diagnosis the existence of a head injury. This specialized “battery of tests” allows for accurate diagnosis and guidance of Vestibular and Cognitive Therapies often required for TBI/Concussion patients. DOC Personal Injury is a specialized Motor Vehicle Accident treatment facility.

Medtrak Testing allows clinicians to measure critical areas of central (brain) and peripheral vestibular function to provide an objective diagnosis of the cause of some of the post-traumatic symptoms of TBI such as dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, problems with balance, coordination and unsteadiness, blurred vision, memory problems, anxiety, depression and personality changes.

Medtrak Diagnostics was developed by Scott Auerbach PT, a national expert in Vestibular Therapy, TBI and Concussion testing and treatment. Medtrak tests are interpreted and signed by a Board-Certified Neurologist.

DOC Personal Injury specializes in MVA related TBI/Concussion cases, offering Medical Management, Vestibular (Balance) Therapy and Cognitive Therapy as the region’s premiere concussion clinic. DOC offers the most diverse and specialized group of Medical Providers focused on specialized management and treatment of MVA related injury.

DOC Personal Injury, in collaboration with Medtrak Diagnostics, is committed to leading the diagnosis and management of concussion/TBI patients.

Don’t let your TBI/Concussion patients suffer, let them Heal!

Michael B. Tracy, DO

Danny Manilla, PA-C

Daniel Feldman, MD

Omega Koch, DPT

Eric St. Pierre, DC

Wes Rickman, DC

Mary Finck, DPT

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