VNG Testing

DOC Personal Injury is an official Medtrak Diagnostics Testing Center for concussions and traumatic brain injury (TBI) related to motor vehicle accidents.

What does a VNG Test include?

VNG tests done through Medtrak include three tests that objectively diagnose the existence of a head injury. This ‘battery of tests’ allows for diagnosis and guidance of vestibular and cognitive therapies for concussion and head injury patients. The tests used are:

Vestibular Testing

Vestibular testing runs the patient through a series of eye movements. While the patient is doing these eye movements a camera records the patient’s eye and measures any nystagmus present. Nystagmus is a condition in which the eyes make repetitive, uncontrolled movements and is an objective sign of head injury. The eye movements form a graph. A neurologist then reads this graph and determines where the brain injury is present.

Balance/Coordination Testing

Patients step onto a balance board for the balance and coordination test. This board measures the patient’s center of gravity. The patient then participates in a few tests that challenge their balance and coordination. A neurologist then evaluates these tests by comparing them to normal tests. The neurologist then determines if the patient is at a deficit because of their head injury.

Neurocognitive Testing

Neurocognitive testing uses a tablet that runs the patient through a 20-minute test. This test is a lot like brain games you might play on your own. It can determine if a patient has cognitive issues related to their car accident head injury.

These three tests combined allows clinicians to provide an objective diagnosis of the cause of some of the post-traumatic symptoms. These symptoms may include dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, problems with balance, balance/coordination, blurred vision, memory problems, anxiety, depression, and personality changes.

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Medtrak Diagnostics at DOC Personal Injury

Scott Auerbach, PT, a national expert in vestibular therapy, and brain injury, developed Medtrak Diagnostics. And a board-certified neurologist interprets each test. Our office partnered with Medtrak Diagnostics because we specialize in motor vehicle accidents, concussions, head injuries, and TBIs. We offer the most diverse group of medical providers who focus on specialized management and treatment of MVA related injuries. DOC Personal Injury and Medtrak Diagnostics are committed to leading the diagnosis and management of concussion and head injury patients. Do not let a concussion, head injury, or TBI ruin your life. The providers at DOC Personal Injury can give you the treatments to heal.

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